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Brothers murdered protecting their sister from rapists

By Celani Sikhakhane

Two young men were killed and their bodies dumped after they tried in vain to stop thugs from raping their sister on Saturday night.

The young men, aged 15 and 25, from eMatheni village in Nongoma, north of KwaZulu-Natal, died from their stab wounds.

It’s alleged that the two suspects gained entry into the house by claiming that they had brought home the 25-year-old as he was drunk and couldn’t walk without help.

Without hesitation the mother opened the door — only then did she realise that she had been tricked. Her son was nowhere to be seen.

“My daughter quickly called her brother who confirmed that the suspects were lying and that they left him at a ceremony they both attended in the village. We knew right then that we were in trouble,” the mother said.

The elder son promised to rush home to take care of the trouble, but of course he was too far away.

Immediately the suspects began attacking the young woman and started raping her, in front of her mother.

When her father and the younger son heard the commotion from their bedrooms, they went to check what was going on.

They tried to stop the rape but were stabbed multiple times by the suspects, who took turns raping the 20-year-old daughter before stabbing her.

The mother, whose identity is being held to protect her daughter, told Scrolla.Africa her family will never forget the ordeal they went through.

“They were merciless, they didn’t care that we knew them. When my son came home after we called him they also stabbed him and dragged him and his younger brother out of the house bleeding and weak. My whole house was full of blood.”

At this moment, the elder brother returned home to see his father and brother stabbed, and his sister violated. The suspects attacked him before he could defend himself, stabbing him fatally.

The killers left, dragging the two dying sons with them, while their mother was left to care for her wounded daughter and husband.

The daughter and husband were admitted to a local hospital with stab wounds but were discharged on Sunday.

“I will never forgive them for what they did to my family, they literally killed us all. We will never recover from this,” said the distraught mother.

The community searched for the two brothers on Sunday and their bodies were only recovered on Monday morning in different places.

Angry community members tried to burn the suspects’ homes on Monday after the bodies were discovered.

Police spokesperson Constable Thenjiwe Ngcobo said that police are still looking for one accused for the cases of murder, attempted murder and rape.

“There were two suspects and police have managed to arrest one who is still at the kwaCeza holding cells in Nongoma,” said Ngcobo.

Pictured above: Village of eMatheni in Nongoma

Image source: Facebook