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Bulgarian fugitive among four killed in Cape Town shooting

Compiled by staff writer

Cape Town was shaken by a violent incident on Thursday morning as four individuals lost their lives in a shooting rampage in Constantia.

Bulgarian authorities have confirmed that one of the deceased is Krassimir Kamenov, also known as Karo, who had been on Interpol’s wanted list since April.

Kamenov was charged in absentia by Bulgarian authorities for his alleged involvement in the murder of a government official in early 2022.

Ivan Demerdzhiev, the Bulgarian Minister of Interior, made the announcement, stating that they had received confirmation of Kamenov’s death from their South African counterparts.

Demerdzhiev assured that they were in close communication with South African authorities, who promised to provide all available information regarding the ongoing investigation.

According to Demerdzhiev, South African authorities had been alerted to Kamenov’s whereabouts, but tragically, he died before he could be arrested.

The minister also revealed that they were exploring a possible connection between this incident and a similar murder of a Bulgarian couple back in 2018.

While South African police have remained tight-lipped about the identities of the deceased, they assured the public that detectives were tirelessly working around the clock to identify and bring to justice those responsible for the heinous act.

Pictured above: Police tape