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Cape learner stabbed to death by fellow pupil

By Buziwe Nocuze

The Samora Machel township in Cape Town is grieving after a Grade 11 learner at Zisukhanyo High School was stabbed to death by a Grade 10 learner following a heated argument between them.

A learner at the school, who did not want to be named, said: “I don’t know what they were fighting about but I heard it had everything to do with dagga and that the suspect has been always teasing the victim about being tall.”

Following the initial altercation, the suspect left the scene, only to return the next day armed with a knife.

On Wednesday morning, eyewitnesses reported seeing the two students arguing once again. Moments later, the situation escalated and horrified screams filled the air.

Rushing back to the scene, the learner discovered the victim lying lifeless in a pool of blood, with a fatal stab wound visible on his neck.

The timing of the tragedy, during final exams, has added to the learners’ stress.

“The incident disturbed us... seeing paramedics inside the school was not good,” said the learner. “We hoped that they were going to help him survive, but the wound was deep.”

Bronagh Hammond, spokesperson for the Western Cape Education Department, said: “This is a tragic case... with one child fatally wounded and another child to face criminal charges.”

Warrant officer Joseph Swartbooi, spokesperson for the South African Police Service in the Western Cape, said: “Upon arrival at the school, police found the body of a 19-year-old who sustained a stab wound to his neck. The victim was declared deceased on the scene by medical personnel, and the suspect fled the scene and is yet to be arrested. SAPS is investigating a murder case.”

Pictured above: Zisukhanyo High School where a learner died after he was stabbed by another learner after an argument.

Image source: Buziwe Nocuze