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Chilling reason why son kept dead dad on ice

Compiled by staff writer

A man has been arrested for storing his father’s body in a freezer.

According to Dutch media reports, the 82-year-old son admitted to officers that he kept his father’s body preserved in the freezer because he couldn’t bear to part with him.

“I did not want to let him go, or I would miss him,” he confessed to a local newspaper, Sky News reported.

The chilling incident unfolded in the town of Landgraaf, Netherlands, when police responded to concerns raised by a family doctor about the health of the 101-year-old father.

The reasoning behind the son’s actions became more confusing as he shared his intention to continue talking with his late father.

The son claimed that by preserving the corpse following its natural passing 18 months ago, he could still engage in dialogue with his departed parent.

As authorities delve into the case, they are now investigating the possibility of fraud surrounding the bizarre incident.

Meanwhile, council officials who visited the man’s residence described the house as a “mess” and issued a one-week ultimatum for him to clear the premises.

The discovery has left the community asking questions about the man’s mental state. It certainly did not leave them cold.

Pictured above: A freezer