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COPE postpones manifesto launch

By Doreen Mokgolo

Congress of the People (COPE) has cancelled its manifesto launch – which was supposed to begin on Saturday – on the eve of the event in order to “get their house in order”.

The event was said to have 2,000 party members from Gauteng attending, but the party said in recent days the number increased to over 6,000 which the Suurman Community Hall in Hammanskraal could not accommodate.

Visiting the lonely venue, only national party leaders and Tshwane municipal workers were seen there.

On Friday, party leader Mosiuoa Lekota confirmed during a political campaign in Gauteng that they were ready to share their plans with members going into the national elections set for 29 May.

But in an interview with Scrolla.Africa, Lekota said they identified that the venue was not suitable to host the growing number of members who had confirmed they would attend.

“The windows are broken, toilets are not working, and there is no water. How do you bring such a large number of people to such a venue?

“We also didn’t have the catering to feed that bigger number, so for now we are postponing the event for two weeks to avoid a disaster.

“We want to address our members in an environment where they will be able to concentrate,” he said.

The president said his party is closer to being ready than he had actually realised.

“We have political partners who failed to register due to lower numbers and shortage of funds.

“They have committed to voting with us and we have opened our doors to them, so we believe we will move from two representatives in parliament to eight,” he said.

In February the party congress was postponed, meaning the last time the party elected its leaders was in February 2019.

Lekota said only congress can elect who it wants to be led by. “I am in my late ‘70s, and the constitution of the party doesn’t allow me to lead going forward, as I have already served two terms.

Picture above: COPE

Picture source : Doreen Mokgolo