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Criminals use toy gun to rob mourners

Three men robbed people at a funeral in Phillipi East, Cape Town, over the weekend, with one of the suspects using a toy gun to scare the mourners.

The pastor was in the middle of his sermon when the three gangsters stormed the event and stole money and cellphones.

A resident, speaking anonymously, said: “I knew we would reach this stage when they started robbing churches. If they don’t respect God, who are we to be respected by them?”

Andisa Moniwa, a 45-year-old resident, said that one of the suspects was carrying a toy gun.

“A family member attended the funeral. Luckily, one of them noticed the gun was a toy. He alerted others, and they chased the suspects.”

Two of them escaped, but congregation members caught one of them.

“They assaulted him, and community members who were not at the funeral also joined in,” Moniwa added.

As the suspect was being beaten, a police van arrived, but despite an ambulance being called, the suspect died before reaching hospital.

Moniwa understands why the community assaulted the criminal. “I won’t blame the residents for doing that because they are tired of being terrorised by criminals.”

The Western Cape SAPS has not responded to inquiries sent two days ago.

Pictured above: People at a funeral.

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