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Dead woman wins in Indian election

Compiled by staff writer

A deceased woman has emerged victorious in a local election in India after her supporters honoured their promise to back her even after her passing.

Ashiya Bi, a popular first-time candidate, secured nearly 44% of the votes for a municipal civic body seat in Uttar Pradesh, the country’s most populous state.

The 30-year-old candidate fell critically ill, reportedly suffering from acute lung and abdominal infections, and died 12 days before the election.

Although her husband informed election officials that she had passed away, there was no established procedure in place to remove her name from the ballot, according to district officer Bhagwan Sharan, NTV reported.

With the electoral process underway and unstoppable, voters rallied behind Bi, fulfilling their promise of support as a gesture of respect and admiration.

The late candidate had established strong connections with the electorate, garnering significant popularity during her campaign.

“Ashiya made friends easily, and people didn’t want to break the promise of support they gave her,” local resident Mohammad Zakir told the Times of India.

Bi’s husband, Muntazim Qureishi, praised her calm demeanour and expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support.

He remarked, “Our votes are a tribute to her.”

Another voter, Arif, echoed the sentiment, stating: “She won our hearts.”

Pictured above: Ashiya Bi

Image source: Twitter