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‘Die Bokke represent apartheid!’

As thousands of young people celebrated the Rugby World Cup victory of the Springboks, the EFF said it would never support “Die Bokke” as they continue to represent apartheid.

EFF founder Julius Malema said his party supports rugby but “not the rugby of the boers”.

“We support rugby, not e ya Maburu (boers),” he said while addressing the party’s Gauteng provincial ground forces forum.

“We do not have an issue with rugby. We do not support Mabhokobhoko (Amabhokobhoko).

“Die Bokke. The Springboks or Die Bokke is a symbol of apartheid.”

Right through the Rugby World Cup campaign, none of the EFF leaders endorsed the national team.

The EFF stance has shocked many because the party is founded by former members of the ANC which has long seen sport as having the capacity to build unity and social cohesion.

South Africans were inspired by former president Nelson Mandela’s embrace of rugby as a symbol of unity at the birth of democracy in 1995.

Over the years, the apartheid tag on rugby has been dropped with provinces like the Eastern Cape having a history of playing rugby dating back more than 100 years.

“Right now, as we stand here, the streets of East London are occupied by mabhokobhoko. We don’t have a problem with rugby.

“We love rugby. But we don’t love mabhokobhoko.”

He said the team needs to be transformed and stripped of all its apartheid symbols including the colour of the jersey, the emblem and the name.

“That team, we will get it a new name, new colours and an emblem which will represent our democracy.

“That emblem and that jersey represents white supremacists.”

He said the architects of apartheid embraced the Springbok colours while murdering African people.

Malema commands a voting base of almost two million voters which translates to 10.8% of the national share.

With the 2024 election expected to result in some provinces being run through coalitions, Malema’s rhetoric could filter into government and affect government policy.

In Parliament, the ANC has lost so many seats that it is already difficult for motions to pass without the ANC relying on the EFF. In the latest vote for the appointment of public protector Kholeka Gcaleka, the ANC relied on votes from the IFP to pass the motion.

Pictured above: Julius Malema addressing the EFF’s Gauteng provincial ground forces forum.

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