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DJ slammed for wearing makoti outfit

A newly-married woman has been lambasted on social media for deejaying while wearing makoti (bridal) attire, including amajelumane (a long blue skirt), a black headscarf and small blankets around her waist and shoulders.

Judy Moko Ndika, a DJ in Gugulethu, Cape Town, has been trending on social media, with people saying she doesn’t respect her marriage.

Her stage name is Lady J, but social media users have since given her a new name – DJ Makoti.

“I understand and respect that we all have our opinions or views,” said Lady J, “but to those who are bashing me, they need to understand that getting married doesn’t mean one needs to stop working or follow one’s dreams.

“After people shared my videos, I received a lot of recognition and gigs, even though it was not the first time posting my work. The makoti attire is working for me because people are talking about it, and I am glad that it is bringing change.”

Lady J, who studied music at Bridges for Music Academy and also owns a record label called Gugs Native Records, met her husband, Bantu Ndika, in 2016 and they married last year.

“We were booked on the same gig. I was a dancer and he was a singer. Since then we have never looked back.

“I dance and do everything I was doing before I got married because it is my job, and my husband and our families understand that it is my job,” she said.

Bantu supports his wife’s decision to deejay in her makoti attire.

“We live differently from what used to be in past years,” he said. “Times have changed [whether] we like it or not. We just need to adapt to what is happening in our time.

“I met my wife loving and doing art. Taking her as my wife didn’t give me the right to stop her from what she was doing – it is her talent,” he said.

“I am also doing art and we support each other. Our families support us; that’s all that matters.”

Pictured above: DJ Lady J has been given the name DJ Makoti by social media users who are bashing her for deejaying wearing makoti attire.

Image source: Supplied