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‘Don’t be lazy. Get busy. Make more babies’ – Malema

By Zukile Majova

Julius Malema has called on young people to make more babies as the EFF plans to double all social grants if elected to power.

Speaking at the party’s provincial manifesto launch in East London, Malema said the child support grant would increase from R510 to R1,020.

“Comrades, make babies. I will pay for their well-being. We are doubling the child grant from R510 to R1,020 because our children deserve better,” he said.

“Don’t be lazy. Please don’t be lazy. Make babies. Secretary-general Marshall Dlamini don’t sleep when we leave here, I am requesting you to get busy, please.”

Juju said the argument that the poor should not have a lot of children was unacceptable.

“And I don’t care whether you are poor or not. Make babies,” Malema told a crowd of over 20,000 supporters at a packed Buffalo City Stadium.

“I was born to a poor family. Being born to a poor family does not mean you are going to die poor. You can change that family and make it a better family.”

In a province where millions of residents are social grant beneficiaries, Malema was preaching to the converted. His message was received with ululations.

Juju has proposed to double all social grants: Old age pensions R4,180 a month; war veterans R4,220; disability R4,180; care dependency R4,180; foster child R2,260; child support R1,020; grant-in-aid R1,020.

With youth unemployment estimated at 70% in the province, Malema has promised to introduce a R5,000-a-month stipend for unemployed graduates.

Malema said the EFF manifesto was a “manifesto of hope to the people of uMdantsane, a manifesto of hope to all those parents who lost their children who fell into pit toilets, this is a message of hope to all children who attend mud schools in the Eastern Cape.”

The Eastern Cape is one of the main springboards for the EFF campaign as the party received more than 232,000 votes in the province during the municipal elections.

Pictured above: Julius Malema.

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