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Dr Malinga visits Alostro in rehab

Award-winning musician Dr Malinga has encouraged recovering addicts to learn from his life’s journey from poverty to fame, so that they too can build their lives from nothing.

He was speaking during his visit to the Limpopo Anti-Drugs Gangsterism and Crime centre, where social media influencer Mahau Louis, popularly known as Alostro, is in residence.

Two weeks ago, Alostro was admitted to rehab after DJ Karri offered to help him rebuild his life.

The 34-year-old from Tshwane gained popularity during the Covid-19 lockdown when he was interviewed on live TV.

Mahau was attempting to explain to the TV journalist the difficulties that people were going through in the Covid-19 camps housing the homeless. In the video of the interview, he can be heard saying some of the addicts had Alostro, meaning cravings, before he was pushed off the screen by other addicts. Alostro became the name he adopted as a stage name.

Dr Malinga told the recovering addicts that he had never smoked or drunk alcohol since his birth in 1980.

“You can choose to believe me or not, that is up to you. As a person, I choose what I want and don’t want to go into my body.

“They have tried me in the past with drugs but I didn’t allow that. I am selfish with myself. When you see me performing on stage that is me, I do all that while sober,” he said.

Dr Malinga said he has been stressed in the past and thought it was the end of him, but that didn’t push him to commit crime or resort to drugs.

He broke into tears when he related how SARS cleared his house of furniture for owing the taxman R2.1-million.

“I bought my house for R3.2-million and SARS took my furniture. I didn’t allow that phase of my life to deter me but I knelt and prayed for strength.

“The money I have now goes into investing in my music business and buying furniture that I need, at my own pace,” he said.

Alostro told Dr Malinga that he was done with drugs and that after completing his rehabilitation journey he would start working on his music and record some songs.

Pictured above: Dr Malinga and Alostro.

Image source: Supplied