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Fat cat gets Poland purring

Compiled by Mashudu Mabila

A fat black-and-white cat named Gacek has become a top-rated tourist attraction in Szczecin, Poland.

The obese feline has captured the attention and appreciation of visitors from around the world, receiving a perfect five-star rating on Google Maps and earning more than 1,000 Google reviews.

The seven-year-old Gacek has beaten out Szczecin’s other tourist hotspots which include a Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle built in 1346.

According to local news outlet wSzczecinie, Gacek has been free-roaming and living in a covered wooden box on Szczecin’s Kaszubska Street for several years. He’s been gorging on the many snacks that passersby keep feeding him.

In 2020, Gacek first drew international attention when he appeared in a YouTube documentary called “The King of Kaszubska Street”. It has been viewed more than 4.5 million times on Facebook and YouTube. And like his girth, his fame is still growing.

Gacek allegedly had a Google Maps listing with almost 2,600 reviews but it was removed, apparently by someone catty. A new listing has attracted nearly 500 reviews so far and an average 5-star rating in its first 48 hours.

Google reviewers claim they have travelled from across Poland and even from other countries to see him in the flesh.

With one reviewer writing that they are very fortunate to have come and met the “distinguished” cool cat.

One visitor said that in August 2021, they flew from Oslo, Norway to see Gacek.

The happy tourist commented: “As expected, he didn’t pay any attention to me, which made the experience fully wholesome.”

However, not everyone loved the cat’s aloof disposition. Gacek stole a sausage, complained a single-star review.

A local animal shelter has urged visitors not to feed him as they are worried about his size which is not helped by fans who bring food and treats. But Gacek may well say he has eight more lives left.

Pictured above: Popular cat Gacek

Image source: Twitter

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