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‘City ignores our cry for help’ – flood victims

Residents of the Siqalo informal settlement claim the City of Cape Town is not helping them with the flooding in their area because they live on private land.

But the City says: “Relief has not been denied due to the land ownership but due to the conditions on the ground ... that unfortunately does not make for any feasible relief options.”

A resident, who asked to be anonymous, told Scrolla.Africa they contacted the City of Cape Town for help removing flood water.

“The rain started on Saturday night, but we haven’t seen anyone from the City of Cape Town disaster management. We decided to contact them and explain the bad conditions we are staying in,” the resident said.

“Now we are being told about being on private land because we need assistance, but when they needed our votes, they didn’t have a problem. We are only good to politicians when they want something from us,” the resident added.

Lunga Sityatha, a 40-year-old resident, said there is no community hall where residents can shelter.

“We are forced to sleep inside shacks full of water. This is not the way to live, especially a month after voting.

“I am angry at all the politicians who were coming to our area, and now that we need their help, they are nowhere to be found,” Sityatha said.

Pictured above: Flooding in the Western Cape.

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