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Footballer accused of getting twin to play for him

Romanian football club Dinamo Bucharest is investigating whether former Barcelona defender Edgar Ié allowed his twin brother to play in his place in five matches.

The suspicion arose when Edgar, known to be multilingual from his time in the Netherlands, Spain, and France, appeared unable to speak English during his time at Dinamo.

This could potentially lead to Dinamo Bucharest facing a deduction of eight points if the allegations are confirmed.

The club’s former president, Florin Prunea, could not believe the allegation, saying it seemed surreal before confirming the twin’s existence through conversations with mutual contacts.

The club asked Edgar to present his driving licence to verify his identity, a request he reportedly refused.

Edgar, who started his career at Barcelona, played as a journeyman across Europe, including with teams like Lille and Trabzonspor, before joining the Romanian team.

Dinamo Bucharest has yet to issue an official statement regarding the accusations.

Pictured above: Edgar lé, or his twin brother.

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