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Four die, four wounded in Cape shooting

A shooting in Cape Town left four people dead and another four wounded early on Sunday night.

The suspects allegedly arrived in a Toyota Avanza in Mcambalaleni Street in Mazizini, Browns Farm, Philippi. They began shooting, leaving three people dead at the scene while five were rushed to hospital.

The fourth victim died in hospital.

A resident speaking anonymously said they were concerned about innocent people getting caught in the crossfire.

“I heard that some of the victims were coming from soccer practice. I won’t be surprised because we have lost a lot of innocent people through mass shootings, and we don’t know the reason behind them,” he said.

Nyanga Community Policing Forum secretary Dumsani Qwebe said: “I believe that there is a reason behind this; there is no way that people can just get shot. I pray that those in the hospital can survive and shed light on who did this and why.”

Another resident said she was surprised at the government’s lack of action on the number of shooting incidents in Cape Town despite rising casualties.

“Who else needs to die for our government to take action on this? Who doesn’t see that Cape Town townships need soldiers? On April 17th, eight people were murdered in Khayelitsha, followed by the four murdered in Lloyd, and there were other shootings besides these,” she said.

Western Cape SAPS spokesperson Colonel Andre Traut appealed for information from the public regarding the shooting.

The motive for the incident is yet to be determined.

Pictured above: Police lights.

Image source: File