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French rugby players face racism and sexual assault allegations

Police arrested two members of France’s touring rugby team in Argentina over allegations of sexual assault.

The French international rugby squad have faced a difficult week, with reports of the arrests coming a day after another player was booted from the team over racism allegations.

The unidentified players featured in Saturday’s 28-13 win over Argentina.

AFP reported after confirmation from Martin Ahumanda, a spokesman from the Mendoza prosecutor’s office, that they will be taken from Buenos Aires to Mendoza after being arrested on Monday.

The team stayed at the Diplomatic Hotel in Mendoza after the test match and reports state that is where the alleged crimes took place.

While the French Rugby Federation (FFR) has yet to comment, the racism allegations against fullback Melvyn Jaminet have already had repercussions.

“I promise, the first Arab I see on the road, I’ll headbutt him,” Jaminet was filmed saying on Instagram.

Ahead of France’s game against Uruguay in Montevideo on Wednesday, the player has been removed from the squad following his apology for the remarks made in the viral social media clip.

“I am deeply sorry and ashamed of my comments,” Jaminet said in an Instagram statement.

“Racism, in all its forms, is unacceptable and goes against everything I believe in. I understand the FFR’s punishment and remain at their disposition to be able to shine a light on this incident.”

Pictured above: France rugby.

Source: @francerugby