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Ga-Rankuwa father allegedly kills daughter with rat poison

By Doreen Mokgolo

The police and community of Tsunami Ext 25 in Ga-Rankuwa have launched a manhunt for a father who allegedly murdered his 11-year-old daughter, Aobakwe Rakale, with rat poison.

The girl was found dead under a pile of blankets in her bedroom, bleeding from her nose and with foam coming out of her mouth.

Gauteng police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masonto said police are investigating a case of murder and are searching for the missing father.

On the night before the incident, the man allegedly threatened to kill his children and wife during a jealous rage and heated fight over financial problems.

The dead girl’s mother, Jacobeth Rakale, told Scrolla.Africa that while on her way home from work, her husband called to ask her to fetch their 14-year-old daughter from her aunt’s home in Zone 2.

“I was shocked by this because my daughter was not close with his side of the family and hardly ever visited them.

“He also confirmed that he was at home with Aobakwe.”

When Rakale arrived home with her brother, Aobakwe’s bedroom door was locked and she didn’t respond when they called her.

“My brother forced the door open and we found her buried under a pile of blankets with blood coming through her nose and foam out of her mouth,” Rakale said, adding that she believed her husband was planning to kill the entire family.

A shop owner near her house told her that her husband had bought rat poison from the shop.

Rakale said her husband could not be found since the incident.

She tried calling him but his phone was switched off.

“We have even searched hospitals and mortuaries for his body as he had threatened to take his own life.

“All I want is for him to account for killing our daughter,” Rakale said.

Pictured above: Deceased Aobakwe Rakale.

Image source: Supplied