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Is Trevor Noah still funny?

By Dylan Bettencourt

After living in America for eight years, Trevor Noah has returned to South Africa to perform a tour of comedy shows around the country.

There was much anticipation about how the shows would go down, with the obvious question being; is he still funny?

Trevor Noah is certainly still funny but one thing was obvious. He has been away a long time.

There were many instances where it showed just how long Noah has been away, and almost seemed as if he was out of touch (Yes, he still made Zuma jokes).

Being away for nearly a decade will do that to you.

Many people were curious as to what the content would include. Would he talk about America most of the time? Would he concentrate on South Africa? It was tough to predict.

For the sake of not spoiling the show for others, we will not give away details — but he was funnier than expected.

A surprising element of the show was just how much Trevor praised South Africa and its people.

But this is where it gets tricky, because some recent reports claim the comedian was paid R33 million by SA Tourism to promote the country.

While Trevor dismissed the allegations on radio, it lingered in the back of my mind as he repeatedly praised the country. There’s a difference between genuinely loving something and being paid to praise it.

Of course, we want to assume that he loves the country and enjoys being back after eight years away. The 39-year-old was not at his best but he didn’t have to be. He has nothing to prove.

Trevor has been in the game for so long that he doesn’t have to over-exert himself to prove he is funny and it seems he has realised that.

Nevertheless, his Savanna Tour in Pretoria on Wednesday night was enjoyable, organised and great fun!

Pictured above: Trevor Noah

Image source: Twitter