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Local hero gives learners free lessons

By Buziwe Nocuze

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Driving instructor Bongolwethu Nganya is one of them. He has launched a groundbreaking initiative offering free c10 learners licence lessons to residents of Mfuleni township in Cape Town.

“I am doing this for free because I believe that having a driver’s licence is a crucial step in opening doors for those seeking employment,” said 27-year-old Nganya.

“I am not only helping them with training but also encouraging them to utilise their time constructively.”

Since its inception in January last year, Nyanga’s programme has gained significant traction, empowering over 400 individuals with essential driving skills.

Driven by concerns about rising substance abuse among young people in the township, Nganya felt compelled to act.

“I know some people wanted to get a learner’s licence but lacked the funds to do so, therefore, I volunteered to provide this service for free,” he said.

Another factor that spurred Nganya to offer his services for free was the number of accidents caused by people who buy illegal drivers licences.

“A learner’s licence is crucial because it introduces road signs and rules. Skipping this important step and directly getting a driver’s licence is extremely dangerous,” said Nganya.

Mfuleni residents are benefiting greatly from his classes.

Classes are held from 11 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, accommodating various groups of learners.

His tireless efforts have yielded positive results, with his learners consistently excelling in their tests.

He recognises the support he receives from local churches and community members who provide venues and assist with photocopying learning materials.

“Each learner receives copies of the K53 manual and an app with photos and road signs, allowing them to visualise what I teach, however, I need sponsorship to continue assisting those in need,” he said.

Zizipho Dyonase, who passed her learners licence test last year, expressed her initial scepticism about the free programme.

“We often encounter scams, so when I heard about this initiative I couldn’t believe it until I visited one of his classes. He didn’t ask for any money,” Dyonase said, praising Nganya’s selflessness.

Khwezi Mngqibisa, who got her learner’s licence in March described Nganya as an exceptional teacher who genuinely cares about his community.

“His commitment to offering these lessons for free shows how much he values his community,” said Mngqibisa.

Pictured above: Bongolwethu Nganya’s free learner’s licence initiative has become a beacon of hope for Mfuleni residents, equipping them with vital skills while fostering a safer community

Image source: Supplied