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Man attempts to murder wife hours after release from prison

By Doreen Mokgolo

On the day Siphiwe Sibanyoni was released on parole, there was only one thing on his mind: a mission to kill his ex-wife Emily Mofokeng.

Just a few hours after he was released on Thursday night, the 36-year-old convict went to his house armed with a container of petrol and a match.

The suspect was arrested for shoplifting in November last year and released on parole on Thursday.

He broke into the house, assaulted Emily, doused the house with petrol before setting it alight with his ex-wife trapped inside.

Emily thankfully managed to survive the terrifying ordeal.

The 42-year-old said she could see through her former husband’s rage that he was there to kill her.

“I tried negotiating with him but he would not budge, he told me that there is nothing I can say to change his mind.”

“I knew if I didn’t fight my way out I was going to die. I made a silent prayer for strength to fight for my life. I accepted that I was either going to die, fight or be arrested for murder. I broke a beer bottle to keep him away from myself as I tried to leave the house,” she added.

Emily added that the suspect stabbed her with a sharp object a number of times on her upper body.

The man escaped when he heard the community members calling for help.

She was rescued from the raging flames by residents who had come out to put out the fire and taken to safety. The suspect also escaped unharmed.

Emily said that she separated from the suspect last year after years of emotional, financial and physical abuse.

“He started using drugs and went on to live on the streets to feed his addiction and quit his government job.

“I thought maybe after his release from prison he would try to rebuild his life,” she added.

By the time the firefighters managed to put out the fire, Emily’s belongings were reduced to ashes.

Emily is now living in hiding fearing that her former husband might attempt to kill her again.

Putfontein spokesperson, Sergeant Raider Ubisi, said they are investigating a case of arson and the suspect is still on the run.

“We have launched a manhunt for the suspect and are urging anyone with information about his whereabouts to come forward,” she said.

Pictured above: Emily Mofokeng

Image source: Doreen Mokgolo