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Man impregnates entire family

By Everson Luhanga

A Nigerian man living in the United Kingdom has impregnated his wife, his mother-in-law, and his wife’s sister!

Some on social media have called it a hat trick, while others refer to it as a juggling act.

The general response in the community has been one of shock.

These are not just random women where the unnamed man could be described as a Casanova in South African kasi language.

They are all close relatives and all pregnant at the same time with only one father of the unborn babies.

If all the children are born, they would be brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, uncles and aunts all at the same time.

Police in the UK are not amused. The man has been arrested and is in custody.

Social media users have asked what the man is being charged with under UK law.

One tweet, later deleted, pointed out that an African man is allowed to have more than one wife.

When all three ladies began showing pregnancy symptoms at the same time, suspicions quickly grew and law enforcement was called in to investigate.

The arrest has shocked the community and opened up heated debates about social mores, personal responsibility, and the limits of the law.

Concerns have been voiced concerning possible manipulation and misuse of power within the family.

This incident has inspired broader discussions about the significance of consent, limits, and ethical issues in close relationships, and it serves as a sobering reminder of the complexity and fragility of family ties.

The Nigerian man is still being held as investigators try to piece together this bizarre case, and court hearings are scheduled to begin soon.

Pictured above: Under arrest for impregnating three family members