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Man shoots robber dead in Berea

A man sitting with a woman in a park in Berea, Johannesburg, shot and killed one of the two criminals who stole a bag from them on Wednesday morning.

The shooter recovered the bag from the robber after he fell dead next to a car containing the body of a man who had foam coming out of his mouth. There were two half-empty bottles of cold drink in the car.

The robber collapsed outside the Berea fire station, just off Louis Botha Avenue, next to Hillbrow. His accomplice escaped.

A police officer, who requested anonymity because he is not authorised to speak to the media, said police would like the man who killed the robber or his partner to come forward with information.

“At the moment, police have registered a murder docket for investigation,” he said.

A taxi marshal based near the Berea fire station told Scrolla.Africa that the robber came running and screaming from the nearby park.

“As I tried to go near the man to understand what he was trying to say, I saw him falling. He died,” the marshal said.

The park where the couple were robbed remained closed and cordoned off as detectives investigated.

Pictured above: The crime scene.

Image source: Everson Luhanga