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Menthol sweets and ginger drink saved mechanic’s life

A craving for menthol-flavoured sweets and ginger-flavoured cold drink saved Mzuzu Sangweni’s life after his shack was set alight on Saturday night.

The 52-year-old mechanic from Tsakani in Ekurhuleni went out to buy sweets and cold drinks, leaving his shack intact.

On his return he was met by neighbours scrambling to put out the fire, with everything he owned reduced to ashes.

In an interview with Scrolla.Africa the local mechanic said he believes someone who wanted him dead set his shack on fire, thinking that he would be asleep.

“I had visitors who came through for prayer and spiritual guidance that evening. Before they left we prayed for their safety walking home in the middle of the night as there is a lot of crime in the area.

“I felt like I was coming down with flu and thought I should buy the menthol sweets and ginger cold drink.

“I struggled finding them at nearby stores and decided to walk to the next section where I bought them.”

While walking back home Mzuzu saw fellow residents trying to put out a fire that was claiming his four-roomed shack.

“I felt like I was dreaming. I lost everything including some of the cars belonging to clients that I was fixing.

“I don’t know who wanted me dead but there is no other explanation as to what started the fire. All the appliances were off and I didn’t own a heater. I had visitors and didn’t cook on that night.

“I believe that prayer also protected my life,” he said.

Residents have since joined hands to help Mzuzu rebuild his shack and have donated furniture.

Community leader Jabu Nkosi blamed the increased shack fires in the area on the City of Ekurhuleni dragging its feet to build RDP houses.

“If you compare the number of shack fires to the number of houses in the same township you will understand that our people need houses which come with proper electrification.

“Our government needs to start taking us seriously. We are the residents of this country and deserve services like everyone,” he said.

Pictured above: Mzuzu Sangweni.

Source: Doreen Mokgolo