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Mzansi artists make over R250-million on Spotify

South African artists earned R256-million on Spotify in 2023, with Kabza de Small being the highest-earning artist.

Spotify’s 2024 “Loud & Clear” report shows the success of South African music on the platform.

Local artists were discovered by first-time listeners more than 735-million times last year.

Amapiano, a local genre, continues to do well, adding to the international appeal of Mzansi’s music.

People listening to local music within South Africa doubled in growth, increasing by 101%.

The report shows male dominance in the industry but suggests the growth in the streaming of female artists, like DJ Uncle Waffles, with a 49% increase in average streams in 2023.

“South African artists’ streaming revenues on Spotify keep growing every year, a true testament to their immense talent,” said Jocelyne Muhutu-Remy, Spotify’s sub-Saharan Africa managing director, Fakaza reported. “It’s a privilege to continue supporting them, in keeping with our vision of ensuring all professional artists can make a living off their art.

Pictured above: Kabza de Small.

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