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NFP dumps MK in KZN for IFP coalition

The National Freedom Party (NFP) – the kingmaker in KwaZulu-Natal politics – has ditched overtures from the Umkhonto Wesizwe (MK) party of former president Jacob Zuma to join the government of national unity in the KZN legislature.

NFP president Ivan Barnes announced this on Thursday afternoon at a media briefing in Umhlanga, near Durban.

Barnes said that the party decided to join hands with the ANC, DA and IFP to form a government that would fastrack service delivery to the people.

“We want a government that will fight poverty and state capture. We are not here for positions. We have an obligation to join the bloc that is willing to take the people of KZN forward,” said Barnes.

He said they had met with all political parties except the EFF. They met with the MK party as they had said they would meet with all parties in the province.

“We also met with the IFP to reconcile first before we decided to join hands with their bloc.”

The NFP has been enemies of the IFP for over 10 years since its late leader, Zanele Magwaza-Msibi, broke away from it in 2011.

Barnes said their discussions were about the provincial government, but after they are done with the formation of the provincial sphere, they will then move on to the issue of local municipalities, in which the NFP has an interest.

Earlier, Scrolla.Africa was led to understand that the NFP demanded the IFP give them the Zululand and uThukela district municipalities in exchange for their entry into a coalition.

An IFP leader who didn’t want to be named told Scrolla.Africa earlier today that “we reached an agreement to work together with them, but we didn’t agree on the demands”.

Barnes rejected claims that they had an agreement with the MK party.

It was reported on Wednesday that the NFP had agreed to work with the MK, which promised Barnes the position of KZN premier. But Barnes is not eligible for a seat in the legislature.

Pictured above: The NFP has announced that it will be joining the IFP, ANC and DA.

Source: Celani Sikhakhane