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Parliament backs Ramaphosa for a second term

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa has received the backing of parliament for another term as president of South Africa.

Ramaphosa presided over the worst electoral defeat for the ANC whose electoral support dropped from over 57% to just 40%.

But he has been praised for immediately accepting the election results while over 20 other parties wanted to create an impression that the election was rigged.

Ramaphosa has earned the respect of the opposition in parliament for deciding to invite parties represented in parliament to join him to form a Government of National Unity with interested parties.

In his acceptance speech, Ramaphosa said the GNU will not be a grand coalition of two or three parties but a GNU of all parties that are willing to get involved.

So far, the GNU has received the support of the DA, the IFP, and the PA but the ANC said it was still prepared to receive more partners to the GNU.

The EFF was the first to reject the GNU saying it would not work with the DA.

Its leader Julius Malema accused Ramaphosa and the ANC of selling out the black majority to the business sector and white rule.

“We contested because we wanted to demonstrate to South Africa that we do not agree to this marriage of convenience to consolidate the white monopoly power over the economy and the means of production of South Africa.
“This marriage is a marriage that seeks to undermine the changing of property relations in South Africa. We refuse to sell out,” said Malema.

While the GNU deal is not yet complete, DA leader John Steenhuisen said they expected the DA to get some positions in Ramaphosa’s cabinet.

“In terms of the agreement, the DA will assume various leadership roles in the national cabinet, the National Assembly, the National Council of Provinces and on parliamentary portfolio committees broadly and proportionately.”

The President-elect is expected to be inaugurated on 19 June in line with the Constitutional requirement that the president-elect must be inaugurated within five of being elected in parliament.