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Regular erections are good for you!

Getting regular erections could mean kissing goodbye to bedroom blues in your senior years, says a new, “uplifting” study.

Researchers have discovered that the secret to maintaining an active sex life into old age might just be for men to have regular sex in their younger years.

The study, making for some awkward dinner conversation, found that the cells in the connective tissues in men’s penises called fibroblasts are the unsung heroes of erections.

“Fibroblasts are the most abundant cells in the penis of both mice and humans, but they have been neglected in research,” said Eduardo Guimaraes, a lead researcher, New York Post reported.

“Now we can show, using a very precise method called optogenetics, that they have a very important role in regulating blood flow in the penis, which is what makes the penis erect,” he added.

Using optogenetics, the team showed fibroblasts are the ones calling the shots, making sure blood flows to that part of the male body.

The Swedish experts behind this revelation treated some lucky lab mice to a brain tickle, giving them regular erections.

It turns out that the more a mouse (or a man) gets an erection, the more of these helpful fibroblasts spring to attention.

The study hints that a lack of action might lead to fewer fibroblasts hanging around, making it harder to get an erection as the years roll by.

Given that nearly 70% of men might face erectile dysfunction in their 70s, this research could lead to men no longer needing a blue pill to help them in the bedroom.

Pictured above: Viagra, commonly used to help men get an erection.

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