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Russia banned from 2024 Euros

Dylan Bettencourt

Russia will not qualify for the Euro 2024 tournament.

Uefa have revealed that both the national team and domestic clubs from Russia have been barred from competing in any Uefa competition following the nation’s military invasion of Ukraine that began in February this year.

The qualifying draw for the competition which will be hosted by Germany, will take place in Frankfurt on 9 October.

But Russia’s name will not appear in the list of countries that will participate in the continental showpiece.

The move to ban Russia from all European football was made on 28 February and then upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on 15 July.

In July Russia appealed the mass bans from most sports but those appeals were dismissed by CAS.

“Russia is therefore not included in the Uefa European Football Championship 2022-24 qualifying draw,” Uefa said in a statement.

Russia was also removed from the qualifying play-offs of the Qatar World Cup in March this year. They have since been banned from the World Cup set for this November.

The women’s team was barred from taking part in the European Championships with Portugal taking their place.

Russian clubs were barred from competing in the Uefa Champions League, Europa League and Conference League.

Last season’s Champions League final was due to be played in St Petersburg in Russia but was moved to the city of Paris, France.

Ukraine’s captain Andriy Yarmolenko said he feels Russia should be banned from all sports.

“Russian football, Russian sport should be totally isolated. This is a country of terrorists, a country that kills Ukrainians, that kills Ukrainian children.

“We cannot just talk about sport when something like that is happening. All the Ukrainian players want Russia to be isolated on every level,” he said, The Guardian reported.

Image source: @BeSoccer

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