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Sex-cemetery tombstone vandalised

By Karabo Rammutla

Drug addicts and sex workers share the resting place of the dead at Eersterust Cemetery.

Residents have made peace with the theft and sex trade at the graveyard, but nothing could have prepared the Jacobs family for what they witnessed when they went to visit their father’s grave.

Frank Jacob’s tombstone was smeared with graffiti and the writing on the headstone had been spray painted over. His daughter, 47-year-old Monique, was furious.

The Eersterus resident couldn’t believe the disrespect shown to her father’s tombstone.

She said the graveyard was full of smokers high on nyaope and a woman at the graveyard told her she had seen the smokers using spray paint.

“There was nothing I could do. I just went home and brought water and soap to clean the graffiti,” she said.

“Opening a case or reporting to the councillor is just a waste of time. Stealing and thuggery has prospered for a long time at this cemetery.”

She said without proper security at the cemetery, nothing will change.

“The City of Tshwane is to blame. How many times have we asked for proper fencing around the cemetery, where the Metro police can arrest and take out nyaope smokers and prostitutes?”

Councillor Benjamin Lawrence encouraged Jacobs to open a case.

Pictured above: Monique Jacobs’ late father’s tombstone was smeared with graffiti

Image source: Supplied

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