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Shebeshxt involved in yet another car accident

By Anita Dangazele

Controversial rap sensation Shebeshxt was involved in yet another car crash on Saturday.

A video of a badly injured Shebeshxt being attended to by paramedics surfaced on social media – with many on social media criticising the rapper for being reckless.

This is his second car accident since February.

In the February incident, the rapper was allegedly driving at full speed and attempting to skip a red light when he crashed into a bakkie that had stopped.

The musician is known for his rebellious ways on the road. He is often seen on social media, interacting with his fans, enjoying a can of an alcoholic beverage and smoking while driving.

Social media did not hold back on calling the rapper out for his reckless driving:

We wish speedy recovery to Shebeshxt brothr is been reckless for a long time on the roads .. a danger to himself and others.

Shebeshxt will be on the phone no seatbelt nothing just vibes.... He is reckless.... Speedy recovery to him

Imagine praying for someone who’s so reckless on the road. He will be recording a video while driving with no seatbelt on

He has no respect for the rules.

Pictured above: Controversial rapper Shebeshxt.

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