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Taxi crash kills six and destroys family home

A Makhanda family has been left homeless after a speeding taxi crashed into their house at the weekend, killing six people.

Zibongile Jali and his three grandchildren were left homeless when the accident occurred on Saturday afternoon.

The taxi driver and four passengers, including a teenage boy who was hit while walking on the pavement, all lost their lives in the accident.

The taxi’s brakes reportedly failed, causing it to speed uncontrollably down a steep road on “M” street in Tantyi township.

An eyewitness who asked not to be named said the taxi managed to avoid two oncoming taxis before it hit the teenager.

“As the taxi was about to go around a bend on “O” street, it hit the young boy who was walking on the pavement. It seemed as if it was flying before it landed on the front of an RDP house,” the witness said.

Makana Mayor Yandiswa Vara offered the municipality’s condolences to the families.

“Words can never be enough to fully express the sense of loss caused by the death of so many people so unexpectedly.

“To the families, please know you are not alone during this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult period,” Vara said.

Responding to the Jali family’s battle following the incident, community leader Mabhuti Tyumza said they were engaging with local businesses to help the family rebuild their home.

“Such a call was adhered to by the taxi association, young SMME Ivy Madyo, Headman Klaas and other businesses and individuals who made commitments and provided expertise,” Matyumza said.

In the meantime, the Sarah Baartman municipality had committed to providing temporary shelter and attending to the family’s immediate needs.

Pictured above: The front of the Jali home that was hit by a speeding minibus taxi which killed six people on Saturday.

Image source: Supplied