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The Colour of Love: A Scrolla competition

Love is never just black and white.

Last week, Scrolla.Africa published a story written by Managing Editor Thabiso Sekhula, titled THE COLOUR OF LOVE.

In the piece, Thabiso speaks about the complex emotions and realisations that come with raising a light skin child as a darker skin woman in South Africa.

We have since been blown away by readers’ responses to the story, with many coming forward with their own stories of love and skin colour.

We’ve heard stories of mixed race friends who had to sneak off to play together so their parents didn’t see, and stories of black mothers who had to cut their children’s hair so it didn’t show that the baby is mixed race. We’ve heard stories from Indian women who are using social media to show love for their dark skin – a big talking point in the Indian community.

Tell us your story – whether that be loving someone of a different race, your experience in childhood or even unlikely friendships across colour lines.

Our panellists, led by Thabiso, will select one winner who will receive R250 in airtime and whose story will be published on Scrolla.Africa.

To enter, tap on this link.

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