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The hidden reason behind cycling couple’s photo finish

By Nkhensani Mthombeni

When avid cyclists Ntwanano and Khetani Mushwana crossed the finish line holding hands in the Cape Town Cycle Tour on Sunday, they were celebrating a private victory they will remember for the rest of their lives.

For the Limpopo couple that has made cycling not only their lifestyle but also a bonding activity, it represented a comeback from an incident in January that almost cost Khetani her life.

They were on their morning training run at a highway in Polokwane when Khetani fell. She was left hospitalised and had to have surgery.

Khetani told Scrolla.Africa she doesn’t have any recollection of the accident.

“I’m grateful to God for sparing my life and allowing me to get back on the road again,” she said.

“Cycling is therapeutic for me and I love it. So I never had any thoughts about giving up after the accident.”

She said having to wait a month to ride again was torture after her knee took a long time to heal.

Her husband said he is glad they never allowed fear to stop them from enjoying the activity that connects them as a family.

“One of the hardest things in my life was to tell my two sons that their mom was in the hospital,” he said.

“The accident made me realise that life is too short. You can leave the house with your spouse and you may not come home together.”

The pair started cycling in 2020 during the hard lockdown and fell in love with the sport. They have also introduced their boys to the sport.

They have completed different races including Amashova Classic race, The Monte Casino Classic, Joburg 94.7 and the Tshwane Classic.

Pictured above: Ntwanano and Khetani Mushwana

Image source: Supplied

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