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The new Nokia 120-4G is simple, sturdy and reliable

Introducing the Nokia 120-4G, the perfect phone for those who want a reliable device that does the basics well. With its sleek and sturdy design, this phone is built to last and is packed with features that make it the perfect companion for your daily life.

One of the standouts of the Nokia 120-4G is its 4G connectivity, which means you can stay connected wherever you go. Whether you’re checking your email, browsing the web, or streaming music, the Nokia 120-4G has you covered. And with its long-lasting battery1 life, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice during the day.

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The Nokia 120-4G also boasts a large, easy-to-read 6.3” HD+ display, which makes it perfect for reading messages, emails, and browsing the web, a perfect accessory for if you’re working on the go. To combat high data costs, this Nokia phone uses less unwanted background data to make your data plan go further.

But that’s not all. It combines octa-core processing power and an additional 2 GB of virtual memory2, helping to run your apps smoothly. With the expandable storage, you can store all your photos, videos, and music without worrying about running out of space.

Boasting a tough interior and sophisticated exterior, the Nokia 120-4G has been tested repeatedly and proved superior against dust, moisture and accidental drops3. You can rest assured that your phone will be safe even in the most adverse conditions.

What’s more, the Nokia 120-4G features portrait mode on both the rear and front cameras, allowing you to take professional-looking photos. Whether you’re taking selfies or capturing a beautiful landscape, the Nokia 120-4G has you covered.

The Nokia 120-4G is ideal for individuals seeking a good-looking, budget-friendly, dependable phone that efficiently performs essential functions. With its 4G connectivity, long-lasting battery, HD+ display and expandable storage, this phone has everything you need to stay connected and entertained

So why wait? Get your Nokia 120-4G today and experience the power of simplicity, priced from R1,499.

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1 The all-day battery testing was conducted using a real-life usage test by HMD Global. The test included active usage of a device for 5 hours per day with a new battery. Usage included e.g. gaming, video streaming, calling, sending SMS, browsing and using apps (such as social media, news, navigation and music). The test was conducted with normal device settings in a lit indoor environment. The device was left on standby overnight.

2 Using memory extension (virtual RAM) requires enough storage space. To protect the storage, memory extension is automatically and permanently disabled once 90% of the usage limit is reached. This can occur after 4 years of heavy usage.

3 Based on results from 3rd party guided free fall testing (IEC 60068-2-31) against top selling models in IDC 4Q21 75 – 125 $ price band.

3 IP52 protected against dust with limited ingress, no harmful deposits, and against direct sprays of water up to 15 degrees from the vertical.