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The people have spoken!

Several South Africans let their frustrations be heard after hearing Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address on Thursday night.

In the video above, one man complains that he couldn’t watch the president’s whole speech as his area was hit by load shedding moments after Ramaphosa said the worst of the blackouts were behind us.

Another woman in the video experienced the same fate, with her area plunged into darkness moments after the speech.

Eskom implemented Stage 4 load shedding hours after the address.

Another woman says: “Every year, they continue to disappoint the nation as a whole.”

The last man in the video says Ramaphosa has the next four years to fulfil his promises or else the ANC will be voted out.

“Let us make sure that in the next four years [if the promises are not fulfilled] we vote them out.”

Pictured above: Contributors to Scrolla.Africa’s Sona feedback video.

Video by: Dylan Mohahla

Image source: X