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Top politicians pull plug on King

By Celani Sikhakhane

Heavyweight politicians successfully blocked King Misuzulu from addressing the Zulu nation on Wednesday.

The king was supposed to speak to his compatriots in a live television broadcast on SABC1 at 11 am on Wednesday but the address was moved to an hour later at 12 pm. It was then shifted to 6 pm. But in the end, the address was not televised.

The king ended up having an interview at 6 pm on Ukhozi FM which is the SABC’s Zulu-language radio station based in Durban.

Interviewed by journalist Dumisani Ndimande in the current affairs show, the king clarified many issues including the relationship with his prime minister, Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

A source said a former minister came to the set where the king was preparing to go on air to address the nation on camera.

“But the man stopped the king and stressed that the address might cause trouble with the Zulu nation especially since his prime minister is planning a meeting with traditional leaders on Friday,” said the source.

“This happened after a former state president called the king advising him to cancel the address because it would further harm the relationship between him and his prime minister.”

During the Ukhozi FM interview, the king stated there was no bad blood between him and Buthelezi.

He said there were no plans to talk about the retirement of Buthelezi as he was still serving the monarch very well.

“The rumours that there is bad blood between myself and uMntwana wakwaPhindangene (Buthelezi) are blatant attempts to drive divisions between the Zulu nation and royal family. I’m warning you! Please, stop it,” said the king.

He also introduced new members of the Ingonyama Trust Board. He said that their work is to start a new era to improve and develop rural areas using the mining sector.

He also said the Trust will drive a programme to train young people to participate in the economic development of rural areas.

The king urged his people to trust him and reject rumours that he will sell their ancestral land.

He praised the role of the previous chair of the Trust board Judge Jerome Ngwenya for protecting the land of the traditional leaders and their communities.

He refused to be drawn into the issues of royal infighting over his reign and said he can’t comment because the matter is in court.

The king also refused to comment on the answering affidavits that were supposed to be filed by Buthelezi in February at the North Gauteng High Court regarding the Zulu throne case.

Pictured above: King Misuzulu ka Zwelithini, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Prince Zuzifa Buthelezi and former president Jacob Zuma

Image source: Twitter