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Unholy row: sick nun accused of straddling priest

Compiled by staff writer

A Catholic bishop in Texas has accused a sick nun on a feeding tube of committing one of the worst sins.

He claims she has broken her sacred vow to not engage in sexual activity.

But this sisterhood isn’t going down without a fight!

The Discalced Carmelite Nuns of Arlington have taken legal action, filing a lawsuit against Bishop Michael Olson and the Fort Worth Diocese.

They claim that the bishop, in a power-hungry rampage, launched an invasive investigation into an alleged breach of chastity. He has gone as far as taking the nuns’ phones and personal devices and spying on their private messages. But the bishop didn’t stop there — he even stormed their monastery to subject the nuns to gruelling hours of questioning.

The scandal erupted after the Fort Worth Diocese publicly announced its investigation into Reverend Mother Superior Teresa Agnes Gerlach for breaking her vow of chastity, accusing her of engaging in sexual acts with an unnamed priest.

However, the nuns’ attorney, Matthew Bobo, believes there’s more to the bishop’s actions than meets the eye.

He claims that Olson has his eye on the nuns’ valuable 72-acre property, worth a whopping $20 million (R386 million). The lawyer suggests that the bishop is using this baseless accusation as a smokescreen to take control.

The Fort Worth Diocese, however, refutes these claims and maintains that Gerlach did admit to violating the Sixth Commandment.

But the nuns’ court filing tells a different story. They describe a harrowing ordeal, with Bishop Olson barging into their peaceful community after Gerlach’s return from a surgical procedure.

Despite her fragile state, under anaesthesia and in pain, she was subjected to a relentless grilling by the bishop. The court documents reveal that the bishop even threw a tantrum, threatening to shut down the monastery and cancel all masses.

The nuns claim that Olson and the Diocese’s actions have crippled their finances, as the confiscation of their technology prevented them from paying bills and operating efficiently.

In their lawsuit, the nuns accuse Olson and the Diocese of abusing their power, causing severe psychological distress and engaging in assault.

They argue that the bishop has overstepped his authority, asserting that they answer directly to the Pope, not to the local diocese.

Pictured above: Holy Showdown