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Waiting for a new line of work

By Buziwe Nocuze

While waiting for job opportunities that have been hard to come by, Siphokazi Sontundu has decided to venture into a unique line of work.

She has a teacher’s qualification, a Bachelor of Education in Arts and Culture, with IsiXhosa and Music as majors.

The 25-year-old from Mthatha in Eastern Cape has started queuing for people at SASSA branches as well as at grocery shops and clinics.

“It doesn’t end there; for those who cannot make it to hospitals, I visit their people. I chat about general stuff or anything they are comfortable discussing,” the graduate said.

She also takes kids to the salon while parents are busy, and makes tea and washes dishes after celebrations.

Sontundu said she charges just enough to put food on the table.

She charges R200 for all her services except for washing dishes and making tea at ceremonies.

“I charge R400 [for work] in ceremonies because there is a lot that I do, and I am not expensive because I know that people don’t have money,” she said.

Finding something to do while waiting for job opportunities is important, because it keeps her busy.

“I was an assistant educator, but as soon as the contract ended, I knew I had to find something else to provide for my family. I cannot sit and complain about the high rate of unemployment,” Sontundu explained.

“Young people should try to do something while waiting for opportunities. There is a lot that they can do. I even mark papers for busy teachers.”

Pictured above: Siphokazi Sontundu

Image source: Supplied

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