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Wife sues her stinking husband

One Turkish man’s dislike of soap and water has cost him more than just marital happiness — it’s also hit his bank account hard!

A wife successfully sued her hubby for a whopping 500,000 Turkish lira (that’s around R310,000!) all because he didn’t shower.

The woman dragged her other half to court, claiming his hygiene, or the total lack thereof, was a marital deal-breaker.

Court documents reveal the guy had a liking for marinating in his own smells, using the same sweaty clothes for days and staying away from the shower like it was lava.

Using a strong lawyer and a group of witnesses, including friends and the hubby’s own co-workers, the wife made her case.

The courts, possibly while holding their breath, sided with the wife, ruling that taking a regular dip in the tub isn’t just good manners – it’s a must.

The man was ordered to pay R310,000. It remains unclear whether or not the couple will remain together following the court ruling.

Pictured above: A man showering.

Image source: Stock