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Will the ANC dance with devils to survive?

The ANC is unlikely to secure a clear majority in the country and in some highly-contested provinces in the 29 May elections.

To remain in power, the party of Nelson Mandela will have to throw away its moral compass and dance with one of two devils – either the EFF or Umkhonto Wesizwe.

The EFF is sworn to the long-term destruction of the ANC, while MK is actively imploding the ruling party from inside its branches in KwaZulu-Natal.

Previously, the obvious choice for the ANC was Julius Malema’s EFF.

But with the introduction of MK, the devils’ pool has become muddier.

In dozens of hung municipal councils across the country, the ANC has been nursing a relationship with the EFF. But it’s not working.

The ANC – desperate to control the R80-billion City of Johannesburg – has become an unwilling participant in the destruction of the EFF-run Ekurhuleni metro.

Their coalition in Johannesburg is no bed of roses either.

Would the ANC then consider a coalition with Zuma’s MK? Early election polls say the ANC might get as little as 40% of the national vote.

For that to happen, more than three million voters must leave the ANC and vote for another party.

Such an exodus in one go has never happened before.

It is clear, however, that parties like the EFF and possibly MK will be the kingmakers in this election, especially in provinces that may be hung – like Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape.

The ANC and MK are engaged in open warfare in the courts as the government continues to prosecute Zuma for fraud and corruption. The future prosecution of people who are implicated in state capture will have ramifications for Zuma, the cult leader around whom the MK party is built.

Zuma’s broken relationship with President Cyril Ramaphosa is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, as Ramaphosa has won a second five-year term.

There is just way too much blood on the floor between the two at the moment, and it’s unlikely the ANC and MK will be ready to iron out their differences less than a month after the elections.

The EFF and the ANC, on the other hand, have been lobbing insults at each other for years but are happy to meet at the feeding trough before another round of mudslinging.

Including Malema in Ramaphosa’s future cabinet could also go a long way towards getting the Red Berets back in line.

But in a province like KZN, an ANC and EFF alliance might not be enough. The IFP has been humiliating both parties in by-elections for the past two years.

The election outcome in KZN, therefore, is the one that could see the ANC either losing power or truly dancing with the devil.

Pictured above: Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma enjoying tea at Zuma’s R250-million Nkandla home.

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