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Woman shot and killed after conflict over her father’s house

By Doreen Mokgolo

A bitter dispute over ownership of a family home in Kwa-Thema, Ekurhuleni, has culminated in a woman being shot dead in a suspected hit on Wednesday afternoon.

For months, 43-year-old Nocawe Vilakazi has been refusing to surrender her parents’ home to her relatives.

On Wednesday afternoon she was shot and killed by an unknown man while sitting in her car with her cousin.

The deceased’s cousin, who asked not to be named, said they were sitting in Vilakazi’s car waiting for a tyre to be fixed when she heard a bang.

“When I looked up I saw [Vilakazi’s] thighs covered in blood with her head hanging unbalanced. She didn’t even scream.

“I knew there and then that she was dead,” she added.

Vilakazi inherited her father’s house after her parents died in 2021 and 2022, after which she began living in the house.

The house had belonged to her paternal grandmother, who gave it to her son, Vilakazi’s father.

It is alleged Vilakazi’s parents decided to sell their own home to move into the inherited house, as the grandmother had asked that the house not be sold after her death.

The deceased’s aunt, Patricia Soqinase, who also lived in the house, said death threats had been made by anonymous men for the pair to vacate the house.

“The fight started after Vilakazi’s father’s death in 2021, when his sister demanded that Vilakazi’s mother vacate the house, saying that she, his sister, was the owner since her brother had died.

“This frustrated [Vilakazi’s mother], until she had a heart attack and was admitted to ICU, where she later died,” the aunt said.

A week after her passing, Vilakazi’s relatives demanded that she remove all her mother’s belongings from the house.

Soqinase added that in the past months they had been terrorised by a group of hired men, who wanted them to leave the house. They had attempted to change the house’s locks, but failed. “Vilakazi had to call the police. She applied for a protection order and opened a case of trespassing,” Soqinase added.

Springs police spokesperson, Sergeant Themba Tshabalala, confirmed that the police were investigating a case of murder.

The police said that they suspected Vilakazi’s death was a hit and that no arrest had been made.

Pictured above: 43-year-old Nocawe Vilakazi

Image source: Supplied

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