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Yeoville’s hidden gem: A world-renowned restaurant in a cosy dining room

By Khaya Ndaba

One of the hidden gems of inner Johannesburg cuisine dining is the Yeoville Dinner Club.

Founded by Sanele “Sanza” Sandile, the dinner club is hosted in the comfort of its own dining room, with guests coming locally and from all over the world to share a meal made by the chef himself, Sanele.

Established in 2016, the dinner club has hosted influencers, artists and well-known celebrities such as the late Antony Bourdain, a CNN food and lifestyle reporter, as well as the famed international comedian Dave Chappelle.

As Sanele says: “The dinner club is a space for friends, and is a place to meet up with different kinds of people from all different walks of life.

“The space is intentionally small and intimate. We serve up to 18 people on one dinner table, so they can talk and exchange ideas and thoughts.”

His main inspiration for running the dinner club is to educate people about the rich cultural history of Yeoville, its people and culinary influences.

One of its patrons Valerie Makoala describes “the food as magical. The owner is so passionate and takes you through a journey with each meal, its history etc.

“He engages everyone while eating, and he serves you the meal himself and the ambience is homely with lots of laughter. I really enjoyed the food and the experience,” she said.

The food itself comprises Pan-African traditional and vegan food.

“We serve many types of Pan African dishes that include grilled fish, tripe, dumplings, goats head, different assortments of desserts, our homemade palm wine and we also have vegan options,” Sanele said.

The dinners are hosted weekly at his residence in Yeoville Johannesburg.

Pictured above: One of the dinners hosted by Sanza

Image source: Supplied